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What’s in a number? For the United Way of Moore County, it’s another way to give. 910-915-8275 is the number you dial to donate any dollar amount to help support local nonprofit partners. Those partners are listed on this website or you are invited to call the United Way office at 692-2413 to find out who they are.

At the United Way of Moore County, we recognize that as our community grows and evolves so does philanthropy. The way people give, the reasons people give, and who is giving is evolving and we have to evolve as well. We’re hoping that this addition to our methods for giving will increase philanthropy among those who haven’t traditionally been donors to United Way. We’re hoping that they will visit us, examine us, and join us in our mission to help support the greatest needs of the whole Moore County community.

We are excited about this new way to give to United Way and are hopeful that it will help increase the amount of good we are able to do for our neighbors in this community. To donate via text messaging, all you have to do is dial (910)915-8275, enter any dollar amount in the message line and hit send. You will receive a message back asking you to register your payment method. You will only have to put your payment information in once, even if you choose to give again at another time. You will then receive a text “thank you” and  your receipt via email for your donation. The donation goes directly to the United Way of Moore County for distribution to our partner agency programs.

Donations to United Way stay here in our community helping the people who live here. We provide financial support for programs that serve the needs of families, the children in this community, and those in crisis and emergency situations. We hope you’ll enjoy this new way to give where you live!

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