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Welcome to the United Way of Moore County, North Carolina!

two lady volunteers

Volunteer work is fun

Your investment matters because you will …

provide local children with a safe place to go after school

create a safe shelter for battered women

give a person with a disability the same opportunities for growth and well-being
as a person without a disability

supply the elderly and those needing assistance with their most basic needs




When you give to the United Way, you add to the hundreds of other gifts we receive. Then, together we provide enough funding to each local agency so that they can plan a year’s worth of programs…putting systems in place that help people now and in the future.


Where can I find where the money goes?

Your contribution is distributed to many local agencies within Moore County, NC.

Why should I give to the United Way?

We believe that people who give their time or money to the community should have clear, accurate information about how their resources are put to use.  Even though each of the agencies is governed by its own Board of Directors, it is our responsibility to keep faith with our contributors in seeing that the monies are spent competently and the agencies are rendering the services represented to the public.

How is money distributed?

Applications for funding are accepted in mid January after the money is raised.  Volunteers from the community come together in panels during February and March.  After visiting agencies, hearing presentations and viewing applications, programs and financial records, it is the primary purpose of the Review and Allocations committee to provide recommendations to the United Way Board of Directors for deployment of United Way financial support and to maintain ongoing relationships with member agencies in a climate of mutual trust, respect and awareness of the roles and responsibilities of each of the parties.

When is the money distributed?

The United Way Board of Directors approves the recommendations of the Review and Allocations committee at their meeting of March.  The approved agencies begin receiving quarterly payments in July.  By July the next campaign for fundraising is beginning.