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United Way Moore Welcomes Stan & Jean Bradshaw to 2016 Campaign

cid_ii_157d31573825f2fb  Stan and Jean Bradshaw have a long history of supporting our local United Way as well as many other nonprofits that provide programs and services for the people of Moore County. The couple, who reside in Pinehurst, are serving as campaign chairs for the 2016 United Way community campaign. The Bradshaws are members of the United Way Alexis deTocqueville Society (ADT) and have worked over the years to increase its membership. The ADT Society continues to be a facet of United Way giving that they hope to see membership increase.

Stan and Jean commented, “We have always been strong supporters of the United Way because there are so many great organizations doing great work in our community. Unfortunately, many of those organizations are not well known. It is the United Way that connects donors to these unsung heroes. Through diligent screening and monitoring by volunteers at the United Way, donors can rest assured that their dollars are going to where they can do the most good. And because United Way operations are largely volunteer-based, donors can also be confidant that their dollars will go further when donated through the United Way. This is why we enthusiastically agreed to chair the 2016 United Way Campaign.”

The United Way of Moore County is confident that through The Bradshaw’s work with the campaign, others will see the importance of having a local United Way in the community while developing a better understanding of the impact of its work. The United Way is pleased to have them as official members of the team.

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